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I have approximately 30 new users I have created only PINs for to be used on Keypad access.  Only half of them work.  All created the same way and all configurations of the users are identical. CPAM version 1.5.0. Server has been rebooted, configurat...

We're running CPAM version 1.5.0(0.3.17).  The time is off by about 2 hours, even though it is configured to update it's time with our NTP server.  When I log in through the web setup and attempt to update the time I get an error message saying "Date...

Hi everybody. We have problem with adding cameras to media server. When adding some cameras the error below appears:Operation failed: Media server reported the error Failed to create MediaServer capture driver for archName bd484b3b-6028-4896-9713-b47...

shodan524 by Level 1
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Hi everybody. We have problem with HA on VSM servers.We configured 9 servers as primary and 1 server as failover. When one of primary servers goes down failover server doesnt get it's role. Cameras and recording from them doesnt pass to failover serv...

shodan524 by Level 1
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I am unable to log into the Application Server to configure any of the recording settings. When I attempt to log into the web based application, I receive an error message stating "There is a problem with the application." Object id #10The Management...

Klandix by Level 1
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We have CPAM 1.5.1 installed and have been using it without any issues for about 4 years now. We use HID MiniProx readers and HID cards for our employees.Now we need to also add TWIC (Transportation Worker Identification Credential) cards for access ...

I'm currently setting up a test environment for VSM 7.5.1 and would like to deploy the media volumes on NFS. We've done this in the past by mounting an NFS datastore within VMware and building our VMDKs for the media volumes on that datastore. The OS...

Hi. I would like to know if there are other languages available for the SASD client? Since this tool is exposed to different type of users, more languages than english would be very helpful. German or French as example.Thanks and regardsDanny