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Nicholas Hood

Trouble with CPAM 1.4.1 VoIP Integration


I am having a bit of trouble integrating our CPAM 1.4.1 with our CUCM 8.6.

I am following the guide in the 1.4.1 user guide, however when I edit the given URL's with my own CPAM ip and credentials I do not get the output that is listed in the document. Either I get authentication failed or when it does finally authenticate it there is no data, just some xml code.

we just want to create a service url on a phone that will unlock a door. I can not get a list of doors that the guide says I should when entering the URL in my browser to proceed with this project.

Can anyone help me figure out what I may be doing wrong? Thanks!


jeremy wilmes

Can you post an example of the URL you are trying to use?

Here is an example of the Quick Unlock URL that I use to assign a button to unlock a single door.

It is case sensative. so username will not work but UserName will.

Items in bold are what you need to edit to fit your situation. The Uniquedoorid comes from using this url in your browser.

This will return a list of all doors that the login you are using has rights too, with their respective resourceId's


Thank you SO much for your reply. After your post I went and looked at my URL. In my password I had an ASCII symbol (#) so I changed the password and took out the #, it worked like a charm.

I now get the list of doors, however the list only goes through the letter G then ends. Is this a rights issue or is there a way to go to a "page 2"?

We have a very large amount of doors.

That is a good question, It was my understanding that that url would pull the whole list. Unfortunately I only have 45 doors on our system so their is no real way for me to test.

Did you try a different browser. That might be the issue.

Necro-post here.


The IPPhoneManager service limits XML output to 100 entries, due to an apparent limitation of the IP Phone SDK.


The only workaround I have found is increasing that limitation manually in the IPPhoneManager.jsp file.



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