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Video intercom that will work with CPAM and VSOM needed

Scott Donahue

I was wondering what other users have used for a video intercom that will tie in with both CPAM and VSOM? 

Currently we have some 2N Helios IP Force (9151101CW) that we have working with CPAM and our Cisco 9971 phone but cannot get it to work with VSOM on version 7.0.1. 

So if there is another option out there I'd be interested to know as we are getting ready to add several more on projects currently under construction.



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Do you have only one helios? Maybe you can try with others.

We have 3 and it's the same with each one.  I even tried to set it with the PAL settings with no luck even though it should be NTSC.

So is it done?

No, I am unable to get them to stream, record or be viewable within VSOM.

This looks to be a tested config.

Found another one with VSOM missing part

Cisco VSOM configuration

IP/Network Cameras Setting

  • Second, add new camera to Cisco VSOM
    1. Select Camera Type: AXIS P3301
    2. Set Host IP/Name for 2N® Helios IP
    3. Set the Parameters in Camera Feed group box. Use same values that are set in the 2N® Helios IP configuration.

Note: Different camera types could be selected, but 2N has only tested the settings for AXIS P3301.

Did you try it this way already?


The settings mentioned are for VSOM 6.3.2 but using the same settings to add the 2N into 7.0.1 still fails.  One of the Error Messages in "Operation failed: Invalid authentication"  I have double and tripple checked to ensure I was entering the same username and password for the 2N and have even gone as far as changing the password for the 2N to match that of other Cisco cameras in the case it was an issue with how VSOM would try to push out the settings to the 2N.

When you look at the Camera status in VSOM under the Image tab and then Photographic Controls the error message says... "HTTP request filed. Status string: Camera f44fcbe0-e710-49d90b8ab-a4f866c15344 not found. Not found"


Hi all, I am product manager of Helios IP intercoms at 2N. We have  succesfully tested VSOM 7 so I believe there must be something in the  settings or either Helios IP or VSOM. We even have how-to manual, please  find it here:

Hope this helps.


I have tried everthing possible to get the 2N Helios IP Intercoms to work with our VSOM, currently running version 7.0.1 and nothing has worked.  I have configured exactley as it is in your wiki, although it uses PAL and we use NTSC but still no help.  I have also recieved an error within VSOM when trying to add it that says, "The following error occured while verifying the hardware.  Operation failed: Failed to fetch device info authentication update succeeded Would you like to continue?"

Robert, as a product manager I welcome any help you can offer as the Partner who setup our system has been absolutely NO HELP in this matter and when I have attempted to contact 2N directly they just tell me to contact the "Partner" we purchased it from as they can only deal with them.  Well, that makes it difficult if they have no idea how to resolve it.  Also in the wiki it Notes: If you select codec H.264, set the bitrate to 64kbps in the template.  This issue is getting fixed in next release of VSM – release 7.0.1

Robert, can you contact me directly?



Hi all,

I've been expecting 2Ns for tests that's the delay in response.

It works without any problems for us. The difference is that we have vsom 7.2.

Let me know if there is a need in a screenshot or sniffer for the working scenario.

Thanks and regards,



I would appreciate screenshots and or an example of how you have it working to stream and record the video in VSOM.  You can email me direcctly if you like to




Timur asked me to share screenshots of VSM 7.2 and 2N Helios IP Vario. VSM and 2N are in the same subnet


VSM 7.2 :

Template for 2N device

Hope this helps


I appreciate the help but I am still unable to get it to work.  When trying to add to VSOM I get an Operation Failed error that it failed to fetch device info after authentication update succeeded.  One thing I noticed when looking at the settings is under the general tab and hardware information there is no firmware version. See images and thank you for trying to help.


We use a full 2n integration along with C-PAM and Cisco 9951 IP Phone to view the person at the door. We also have a Subscriber Services URL in Call Manager assigned to a phone that when depressed will open a door.

Works great, easy setup..

Check out this video:


Thanks for sharing the link to the video, like you, we have the 2N setup with CPAM and Call manager and that part works great.  Now if I could just get the intergration with VSOM to work so I can record the video.

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