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Simon Battye

VSM Maps Issue



I am running Maps server on a VSOM server 7.6, RHEL 6.4.

Service is active and appears OK, can see maps from the maps providers, i've added JPG files to the image layers and set their location on the map. When i use the camera marker map or SASD Maps to browse the image layers, all i see is a grey screen - it's almost as if it can not load the map.

I have confirmed that the image loads ok locally on my PC.

Is there something i am missing here, i have been through the end user guide but i can't see anything i have done wrong?


Thanks, Simon

Cisco Employee

Hi Simon,

As what you have mentioned the setup looks fine to run Map server on VSM 7.6 (RHEL 6.4). Is this a installation of VSM on CPS-UCS-1RU,2RU platform or Virtual machine platform? What browser you are using? Is this IE-9,10 browser?

You just try to add the image layers once again and then try to load the map. Its working for us in our lab environment, so there is no config issue. It may take some time to load the map.

So just try once on IE browser & let us know how its works.






The installation is on CPS-UCS-2RU on platform, not virtual.

I think it is IE-10 we are using, is there a specific supported version i should be running? I don't think the documentation states so.

I'll try this today, is it normal for the maps to take time to load? Is there any other plugin required to see the maps though IE, active x or java for example?


Thanks, Simon 

Hi Simon,


Yes, when you use IE to view the VSM application, ActiveX is required to view the video feeds and related tabs in the application.

The ActiveX plugin enables the software to fully and you can browse all options from the system.

Turn off the pop-up blocker from the browser and then let us know how it goes.





this is a big dated, but did you get a resolution? I had the same issue but on virtualized 7.6 map server. I could replicate the same issue over and over and to be its a java bug. After a few minutes of using the map server the java process would use all the cpu for the vm, and this is using the virtual appliance from Cisco without making changes. Open an SSH session while using maps and watch the CPU get pegged. Not sure if it has been fixed after 7.6. 



I checked and i was using IE11, i have now downgraded this to IE10 but still having the same issue. The image layers are showing as published, i've attached a screenshot of what i am seeing on both SASD and VSOM.

I waited for around 5-10 minutes for this to load as well.


Thanks, Simon 


Simon I'm also having this issue. Did you ever find a solution?

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