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VSM Recovery

Balakumar Tj
Level 1
Level 1

RAID Crashes when VSM recovery executed through the Recovery iso image of VSM 6.3.1-21d image.

I have tried with VSM 6.3.3 Recovery DVD as well...

I have tried multiple time, resulted in RAID Crash. All Virtual drives are getting lost.

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Scott Olsen
Level 6
Level 6

Could you maybe elaborate on what exactly has failed and what you are trying to accomplish?

If the RAID subsystem has already failed (multiple drive failures without successful rebuild), your data is likely unrecoverable without some serious recovery forensics from a 3rd party firm.

The 'Recovery Images' for 6.X have two different options:

1) 'repair' - This is the least disruptive option.  What it appears to do is basically reinstall/reimage the root '/' filesystem on the server *without* manipulating any media repositories in any way (/media1, /media2, etc...).  It doesn't even touch those logical disks.  If the defined RAID array is already compromised, this isn't going to help you.

2) 'factory' - This is going to literally re-create the RAID arrays from scratch using the healthy disks it can detect.  ALL PREVIOUS SYSTEM DATA WILL BE DESTROYED.  It will then image the server with a complete fresh software install for re-deployment.

If you are attempting to perform a 'factory' recovery using the DVD, and the array is failing during the re-image process... you likely have a very sick disk member that needs to be replaced.  If the chassis is covered by a SmartNet contract, you should be able to open a TAC case and get the drive member replaced via RMA.

I hope this helps!

Cheers :-)


Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

Yhya Akef
Level 1
Level 1

For Versions prior to 6.3  :

Factory : it will format the logical drives and re-install the OS & software

i.e. it will not create the RAID or delete it

Repair : it will format the 1st logical drive only ( OS drive and re-install OS & software ) and keep the other virtual drives untouched for a recovery process

6.3 or later :

Factory : it will create the RAID from scratch

Repair : same as prior to 6.3

so if you are recovering your system don't use "Factory" option and use "Repair" instead of it