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Resolved! VSOM: video wall

Hi allOur company has started pushing Cisco CCTV to smaller companies that require theft detterant video walls within their storesThese are PCs connected to monitors around the stores showing the CCTV is watching them.Does anyone know of any good low...

chippa111 by Level 1
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I replaced a defective 2621v only to have it not come up in VSOM again. Looks like there are some newer firmware cameras in my recent order.When logging directly into the camera I do have a DAY?NIGHT symbol on the main viewing screen.I also get the f...

StephanMC by Level 1
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RAID Crashes when VSM recovery executed through the Recovery iso image of VSM 6.3.1-21d image.I have tried with VSM 6.3.3 Recovery DVD as well...I have tried multiple time, resulted in RAID Crash. All Virtual drives are getting lost.

I have 2 CPS-UCS-2RU-K9 boxes. THey have 4 NICs in them and I'm having trouble finding the documentation about the 4 NICs. I can only see two of them inside VSOM so I don't know if two are just unsed or if they are teamed or failover by default. Does...

cwhill by Level 1
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Hello all, Is there any chance to upgrade to camera driver pack for a vsms running under version 6.3.2 so we can introduce the 6400 camera?We know that this camera is supported at 6.3.2 MR3 but we would like to avoid upgrading the VSMS as a whole.Any...

Going through making archive changes and tweaks I noticed that I have an archive that appears to be a duplicate of an existing one.  It has virtually the same settings (except a different expiration time).  When I go and look on VSOM, there is no sig...

jwood.ok by Level 1
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Hey Guys,Ran into an issue after rebooting a non responsive CPAM server. After rebooting the first time and several times after that I would get a "System isn't ready" message and I couldn't log into the web interface. After several reboots I am fina...