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VSOM Server gains a few minutes each week

Level 1
Level 1

I have two VSOM systems in our facility with 5 VSOM servers in each. (CPS-MSP-2RU-K9) Original install had 4 in each system but we need to add more cameras so we added a fifth server to each. The new servers are the problem. We are running 6.3.3 currently. I have checked the NTP settings and the hardware clocks through yast.

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please share the below command output from the new server

1. service ntpd status

2. ntpdc -p

3. hwclock --show; date; date -u

4. ntpq -p

Unfortunately I'm not an IT person and I'm not sure if I can obtain what you are asking for. I don't know the commands for getting the info.



Okay, well... you should probably interface with whoever it is in IT that manages these systems to have them investigate the underlying OS services Raghav has identified.

He's provided the exact CLI syntax that a user would need to execute to get the information needed.  All that's left is getting an SSH or console shell on the server. (e.g. - PuTTY to the server on port 22 and login with the 'localadmin' account).

A quick google will get you PuTTY (or an alternate Secure Shell client) if you need it.



Scott Olsen Solutions Specialist Bulletproof Solutions Inc. Web:

Scott,  This is what I get when I try the above.


1. OK-OUPT-VSOM-5:~ # service ntpd status
service: no such service ntpd
2.OK-OUPT-VSOM-5:~ # ntpdc -p
***Server reports data not found
3.OK-OUPT-VSOM-5:~ # hwclock --show;date;date -u
Tue Mar 31 09:58:58 2015  -0.000389 seconds
Tue Mar 31 09:59:39 CDT 2015
Tue Mar 31 14:59:39 UTC 2015
4.OK-OUPT-VSOM-5:~ # ntpq -p
No association ID's returned

other system,

1.OK-OUCT-VSOM-5:~ # service ntpd status
service: no such service ntpd
2.OK-OUCT-VSOM-5:~ # ntpdc -p
***Server reports data not found
3.OK-OUCT-VSOM-5:~ # hwclock --show; date;date -u
Tue Mar 31 10:03:38 2015  -0.060516 seconds
Tue Mar 31 10:06:23 CDT 2015
Tue Mar 31 15:06:23 UTC 2015
4.OK-OUCT-VSOM-5:~ # ntpq -p
No association ID's returned


I just queried the lead server, this is what I got on it for #4

OK-OUCT-VSOM-1:~ # ntpdc -p
     remote           local      st poll reach  delay   offset    disp
=======================================================================     1 1024  377 0.03001 -0.000072 0.12173
*     1 1024  377 0.00955  0.000107 0.12175


Fellas, after trying the above and reviewing the ntp config I think I have discovered the ntp address were entered as incoming instead of as a server as the rest of the devices are set. I corrected those settings and will monitor the servers and see if they stay in sync. Thank you for your help.