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Access Gateway- Restrict Links in Launcher?

Level 1
Level 1

Is it possible to restrict or reduce the number of links shown in the launcher by user group for items other than bookmarks?
So in the Access gateway, you’ve got SAML applications, non-SAML Duo Web Applications, and generic bookmarks. You can set the Duo integrated applications to only allow authentication based on user group, but they still show up in the launcher to people who are not in that group. The bookmarks which are not duo integrated at all seem to be the only set of links that show up in the launcher that can be hidden per group.
For example- we’re expecting only a few end user facing applications to go through the gateway, but dozens of IT specific ones. We don’t want it to clutter up the interface for end users but instead somewhat customize what they see based their needs.
Is this something that i’m just not finding the config for? Or is it something that should be a feature request? Or is it a use case for multiple Access gateways- one for all users, and then another for back-end users?

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Level 5
Level 5

Hi there DZag,

Please reach out to the Duo support team for help with this question. If a feature request is needed, they can help you create one too. Thank you!

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