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ACS 5.1 Web Interface Not Working


We have a Cisco Access Control Server (TACACS+ version 5.1) with an additional 
2 port NIC card. This produces 4 ports on the ACS server(G0 through G3).

After initial setup of the ACS server with an IP address on G0, I connected a Windows 7
server with IE8 to G0. The ACS web interface appears (after accepting certificate) and I
entered some user accounts and NDGs.

I then connected the ACS server to a configured port with port-security on our 6500
switch. The port becomes err-disabled since the MAC address does not match up. It appears
that the onboard NIC on the ACS server is bonded thus producing the MAC address issue.

To fix this connection issue, on the ACS server, I cleared out G0 and setup G2 (additiional
NIC card) with the IP address. After connecting to the 6500 switch, the ACS server port
works fine.

I removed the connection to the 6500 and connected the Windows server to the ACS.I can ping
the ACS server but the web interface is now unavailable unlike before. I do not get a
certificate warning on IE, it just states that internet not available.

On ACS, the 'show' status of acs shows all the processes are running and initialized.

Any help would be appreciated. It has got me stumped as all I did was change NIC configuration
on the ACS server.


Who Me Too'd this topic