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CISCO EX60 - after switch off the system rebooting loop

Dear Community,

The problem only occur with TC5.1.4 / Touchpanel installed and after switching the system off it reboot may several times. These Factory Resets has been done:

Factory reset using the Touch Panel

1. Select More from the main panel.

2. Select Settings > Administrator settings and select Reset.

3. Select Factory Reset.


Factory Reset mechanically EX 60

1. Unplug the power cable.

2. Replug the power cable.

3. Press and hold the power button immediately when the green LED in the bottom left corner lights up. Hold until the LED turns off and on again after approximately 10 seconds.

4. Release the power button, and press it twice within 2 seconds.

Is that a hardware Issue with the EX60 or the Touchpanel? Please see enclosed log

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