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How Does a SIP Trunk Dial-Peer Use a Registrar?

Hello all,

I am setting up a CME using dual registrations.  With the generous help of people on this forum I have gotten the dual registrations to work.  But now I need to know how to set up the dial-peer to use the registration information.  For example, I have this set up:


authentication username 5555555555 password 7 08114342101A0A1A43


registrar 1 ipv4: expires 3600

registrar 2 ipv4: expires 3600

How do I set up a dial-peer to send traffic to one of the registrations?  I've tried this, and it does not work:

dial-peer voice 105 voip

description **Outgoing Call to SIP Trunk**

translation-profile outgoing PSTN_Outgoing

destination-pattern 91%...........

session protocol sipv2

session target registrar   ????WHAT DO I USE HERE???

voice-class codec 2 

dtmf-relay rtp-nte

no vad

Thanks in advance.

Who Me Too'd this topic