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how to deploy prime infrastructure template on selected interfaces/ports


So I manged to create an port grouping (all ports which start with the description ACP)

And I also managed to create a CLI-template with the a DB variable setup (see

My template:

#foreach ($interfaceName in $InterfaceNameList)
interface $interfaceName
     switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q
     switchport trunk native vlan 3
     switchport trunk allowed vlan 3-8
     switchport mode trunk

But when I deploy this template it will apply to all the ports on that switch, I can't apply only to the ports in the port group

Is it possible to fix this somehow?

I can think of 3 ways:

Use other menu than Deploy -> Configuration Tasks -> <select template> -> deploy..., Which is the correct one?

Make an new DB variable which only select ports which start with the description "ACP", but I am on the dark how to create such a DB variable, I know I need to edit /opt/CSCOlumos/conf/ifm/template/inventoryTagsInTemplate/ but I can't find the syntax/field description

Use an "if construction" in the cli template, something like #if(${description} == "ACP" ...., but how precisely?

Who can give me any tips?


Emiel Witteman

Who Me Too'd this topic