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Advice about FXS Port configuration for connecting to modems

Hello all,

We have not confirm the problem, but we are having reports that analog devices like USR V.92 Modems and Power meters are not connecting or dropping the connection.  We have an ISR 2911 with the 4-port FXS-DID WIC (VIC3-4FXS/DID), configure to an internet SIP truck provider.  The Router is running IOS 15.3(3)M2.  If we connect an analog phone to the FXS port and call, voice is clear.  So the question is what configuration settings should we have for FXS ports and/or dialpeers for connections to modems?  Attached is the current configuration of the router.  

Do we have to be worried about Codec?  If so which Codec should we configure?
Any Physical FXS settings should be set?
Are my DSP setup correctly?  

Again, I'm at a loss, as voice sounds good and my searches for modem connections to FXS Ports on CUCME is coming up dry.  Any help would be great.  

As far as the "Power Meters", we are talking substation power meters.  

Thanks for any advice you can spare and your time,


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