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Anyconnect client: No log in prompt

Level 1
Level 1

Over the last week, I've seen several clients (mostly windows 7 and Vista, not seen yet on Windows 8.x) having the same problem.


When connecting to our VPN services on ASA 5510 running version asa915-k8.bin

Clients are connecting with AnyConnect version 3.1.06079

The AnyConnect client opens normally. The user enters the name of our server for connection.
The user sees "Waiting for user input" in the client main window. This is normal and advises that the log in prompt box will appear.

The log in box never appears.


One user did a Windows Recovery revert to previous date and all worked again. This is obviously a case of a Microsoft update causing new problems for the AnyConnect client but I'm unsure what update. Should I find an upgrade tor the VPN client? Has Cisco patched for this?

I'm hoping for a suggestion. Any help will be useful.


John D.

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