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Cisco Prime Infrastructure and ISE Integration

Level 1
Level 1


I'm current struggling to get PI and ISE to integrate, these are running:

  • ISE
  • PI

To integrate ISE with PI, on the PI server I browse to

Design > Management Tools >External Management Servers >   ISE Servers

I enter all the correct details but I get an error message:

Error: Identity Service Engine with IP Address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is not reachable. Please check the network connectivity of the Identity Services Engine.

Both devices are in the same subnet, there’s no filtering taking place. Both servers can see each other without an issue. From the CLI I can confirm I can see an ARP and can ping each other without issue. Both the CPI primary and ISE Primary server are located on the same ESX host.

Any ideas?????

Who Me Too'd this topic