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Interpreting Client Session output in PI 3.0


I need help to interpret a portion of Client Session report in Prime Infrastructure. I placed a call with TAC and the engineer was unable to explain what the output means (for which I am si disappointed)

Client Username Association Time AP Name Session Duration Avg. Session Throughput(Kbps) SNR (dBm) RSSI
0160mp1 2015-Nov-29, 12:38:43 EST 0160APFR2 40min 2sec 3.5 0 -128

I'd like to know what it means when the device is showing an SNR of 0 and an RSSI of -128. Technically the device should be unreachable on the network, however my monitoring tool doesn't show it as down! So the device is reachable but the RSSI is -128! It doesn't make sense to me!

And also, session duration is 40 min 2 sec, doesn that mean during 40 minutes the RSSI was -128? Or this value is just a sample?

Thanks for your help,


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