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TMS: Automated Conference Booking for Single Endpoint

Steve Ogg

We have a deployment where we are using TMSXE to monitor Exchange mailboxes and schedule conferences in TMS using Conductor.

Everything is functioning as expected, however we would like all bookings to be scheduled as a Conductor conference, even if only 1 Endpoint is scheduled via TMSXE. This is to allow one Endpoint to be booked via Exchange, but have multiple external participants join a conference with the endpoint.

Is there a way that we can force TMS to always create a conference for single endpoint bookings?

We have already set the "External MCU Usage in Routing" setting under Conference Settings to  "Always", but this only affects bookings with 2 or more endpoints (i.e. turning what would be a point to point conference into a Conductor conference). To enable more than the scheduled amount of endpoints to join the Conductor conferences, we have turned Off "Limit Ports to Number of Scheduled Participants" under the Conductor Extended Settings in TMS (TPS resource is not an issue).

At this point, even if we could add a "SIP Dial-in" participant that is always automatically added to every conference picked up by TMS and this would trigger the "External MCU Usage in Routing" rule to create a conference, this would be satisfactory!

The versions in use are:

TMS 15.3.0


Conductor XC4.2

Thanks in advance for any ideas on this or replies.


Who Me Too'd this topic