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Issue with MRA Cisco IP Phones 7800/8800

Hello all,

I have deployed Expressway C-E (8.9) with CUCM 11.5. and I'm trying to register one 8841 from Internet using MRA feature and when I try to do the login process in the ip phone, appear:

"Error: Server certificate validation failed. Contact your administrator" and in the Status messages "Invalid server certificate:"

Trying to find info about this problem I found

"For Mobile and Remote Access through Expressway, the Expressway server must be signed against one of these Certificate Authorities"

in this doc:

I suppose the error appear because our Internal CA is not trusted.

Any way to register a 8800/7800 Phone through MRA feature without a signed certs by this Authorities? Usually we manage Internal CAs.

Thank so much!

Who Me Too'd this topic