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SPA504G phone does not upgrade

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Level 1


I try to upgrade the firmware of SPA504G phones. They are currently in version 7.5.2. I've download spa50x-30x-7-5-7s.bin and spa50x-30x-7-5-7s.exe. This is an unlocked version of the phone as the admin password is empty?

1) Run spa50x-30x-7-5-7s.exe (no firewall, no UAC) : the process runs well but at the end of the last progress bar :  upgrade failed : firmware upload incomplete

2)  : phone enter in upgrade mode, reboots but is still in 7.5.2

3) : phone enter un upgrade mode, does not reboot and remains in 7.5.2

Any hope to upgrade these phones ?

Thanks in advance for help.

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Who Me Too'd this topic