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DATA_EXCEPTION: Enter Valid Relay Email Address

Rising star
Rising star

Has anyone else noted this? When I create an SMTP Notification device with an address like, things work fine. Turn it into, I get the error in the title when I use the REST API to set the Address

This is in, in my lab I have where it is fine, and prior to the upgrade to 10.0, it worked fine as well.

Here's a sample request that goes over the wire


Cache-Control: no-cache

Content-Type: application/xml

Accept: application/xml, */*

Authorization: Basic authorization

Cookie: JSESSIONIDSSO=30B6EFCDDE924DF537FF5D5B40AFF79A; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly;JSESSIONID=704D50B4072BDE612AAE9922F115790D; Path=/vmrest/; Secure; HttpOnly;REQUEST_TOKEN_KEY=7533159619388272098; Path=/; Secure; HttpOnly;


Content-Length: 65

<Smtp><SmtpAddress></SmtpAddress></Smtp> does resolve just fine. Setting the same address via the web GUI also works.

Who Me Too'd this topic