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vEdge onboarding , "ERR_CERT_VER_FAIL" in vBond

Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



i'm trying to bring up the control plan (manual)

vManage->settings->Enterprise Root Certificate

using openssl, creating self signed certificate (CA) and installed in vManage.

vSmart and vBond  but validated and control connections are up between vManage, vSmart, vBond.


Now, while adding vEdge:

1. installed vEdge, using "show certificate serial" got the chassis number

2. signing is done to get .viptela file with this serial number

3. in vManage,  upload WAN edge list, used the .viptela file

4. got the token visible in the UI and in all three , could see the device listed in "show valid-vedge" 

5. did generate bootstrap , copied the OTP

6. inside the vEdge cloud, 

6.1  installed the root CA for certificate root-chain

6.2. issued the command "request vedge-cloud activate chassis << chassis >> token <<OTP>>


Now i'm expecting the vBond to come into picture and validate the device , which is not happening

from logs saw: Apr 11 16:01:52 vBond VBOND[2229]: %Viptela-vBond-vbond_0-6-INFO-1400002: Notification: 4/11/2019 16:1:52 vbond-reject-vedge-connection severity-level:major host-name:"vBond" system-ip: uuid:"6DFF7A3C-466D-4A5A-9CF0-C96ACB99B58C" organization-name:"<<removed>>" sp-organization-name:"<<removed>>" reason:"ERR_CERT_VER_FAIL"

This is sure of certificate issue, just wondering  what is the certificate install step missed ?

Also checked:

1.  request csr upload vedge.csr

2. using openssl and root CA certificate, created  vEdge.crt and installed  ... this also doesn't work


Any help ?






Who Me Too'd this topic