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Cisco Employee

What is the limitation for frequency to using DNAC API

Hi Expert:

There seems that have some limitations of  using api by 5 times/minutes?

It affect our application visualization when we want to frequently get information from dna center.

cloud you tell me how many time slot between  two using api




error message:



  "error" : "Rate Limit exceeded; BapiName: Get Overall Client Health, RateLimit config details: RateLimitContext{rate=5, windowUnit='minute', windowDuration=1, maxConcurrentExecutionsPermitted=0}",

  "bapiExtendedStatusCode" : "REJECTED_ABOVE_THROTTLE_LIMIT",

  "bapiExtendedStatusDescription" : "For BAPI: Get Overall Client Health, maximum allowed BAPI instances per 1 minute is 5. The limit has been reached for the time-window between Tue May 14 05:55:02 UTC 2019 and now"


Who Me Too'd this topic