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Ciscos new documentation format is unsearchable

Oleg Serstjuk

not sure where else to post or raise this

Cisco's  new interactive documentation cannot be searched, issues below - doc example


1. The browsers are unable to search within the collapsed fields unless you click into them which defeats the purpose of a search function

2. Using google to get your results - google is able to pick the info within the collapsed fields - when you click into the google link it brings you to the page with all the fields collapsed - so to find the reference from googles search you must go through each collapsible option to find the answer google found for you

3. There is no option to download the doc as a PDF

4. Each time an option is opened it collapses the previous one - 1. this juggles the page around if the last un-collapsed field had a lot of information, and a new one is open and you end up 5 pages down and away from where you were

5. there could be 20-30 collapsible fields in the doc - and you cannot un-collapse them all at once to try search through the full doc


Anyone have some workable workaround for this? This new design adds a huge amount of time to try find one small piece of info, your time is now wasted scrolling and collapsing fields


How can this be flagged with developers/designers of this great idea?

Who Me Too'd this topic