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CPU 0 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address / Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!

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I bought this router based on the dual wan capabilities, wan to lan throughput and the brand fame. Unfortunately, I made a huge mistake.

Apart from the fact that the support of a brand new product is zero and below, this piece of junk continues to create problems.

I was in a 3 days trip outside the city and, of course, this small piece of junk named RV320 did it again.

In the day two, all my connections were down; despite the fact that I have two serious internet providers, one with static IP, despite the fact that I have solid speed (500mbps). The router, and everything behind him, including alarm system, IP cameras and NVR, all were missing.

When back home, I rebooted manually (unplugged from the socket) and all OK.

And now the surprise: here is what I found in the log:

2017-06-04, 13:57:45         Kernel            kernel: CPU 0 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 0000000000000028, epc == ffffffff81256878, ra == ffffffff81256874


2017-06-04, 13:57:45         Kernel            kernel: Fixing recursive fault but reboot is needed!


2017-06-04, 13:58:21         Network Log            NSD FAIL WAN[2]


2017-06-04, 13:58:27         Network Log            NSD FAIL WAN[1]

So, practically, this small junk fails both wans and ask for manual reboot, like I am its servant? Somebody must stay at home and take care of it all the time, like of an imobile sick patient? Come on Cisco, is this all you can? I expected more from you!

So, why spend on dual wan, why spend on two internet providers, etc, etc? Cisco, and its failed product, want you next to the router 24/7.

I had a TPLINK 6020 dual wan for years and worked like a dream. I even forgot that I had it.

At least if the RV320 had the possibility of a scheduled reboot, that so many users ask on the internet, this may solve such problems. But this is too easy for a serious manufacturer like Cisco.... :(.

I asked the seller and he said is nothing to do as long as now the router works after reboot. So, now I plugged the small piece of junk called RV320 in a socket with mechanical timer and I programed it to reboot it every hour. I hope it will crash as soon as possible and send it back to guarantee.

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Level 1

Tal como le pasó a usted. a mi ya me paso con 3 clientes con el mismo equipo. RV320 y RV325

Ya los estoy apilando mientras los voy reemplazando porque la gran empresa Cisco no lo soluciona , probamos infinidad de configuraciones y formas de conectar y es horrible su desempeño - Realmente fue una falla de producto y del software interno.

Ademas de otros problemas q tuvimos y que garantia aceptó que era un mal funcionamiento , pero empiezan que las redes , los equipo bla bla bla ...todas mentiras para poner el foco del problema en otro lado..

Vamos CIsco arreglen esto , demuestren que son lo que dicen ser




 - Check current firmware version installed on the device. If available ,  applicable and or feasible, upgrade to a  more recent version. Check if the problem persists afterwards.


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Estimado...gracias por su respuesta. Se han aplicado los últimos ha hecho harď reset ..cambié por otro equipo igual 

Pasa lo mismo ..por mome tos parece que se estabiliza pero dura muy poco ( apenas unos 2 o 3 días ) luego requiere hasta 3 o 4 reinicios diarios. Inviable este producto.
En una empresa lo reemplacé por un Microtik ..y se terminó la pesadilla ..
Realmente no paré de tener problemas desde q implementé esta línea de producto.
Ya alguna vez tuve q tener soporte porque se desconectaban las App si activas del Firewall SPI inspeccion , la solución de cisco fue " desactivalo asi funciona" , sin palabras