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RV082 HTTP Resolve Question

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Greetings All,

I set up a CentOS 4.3 server under VMware 1.6. It servers up web pages and has a few other functions. It is at IP on my LAN and I can ping this server from any machine on the LAN.

I had an extra machine so I installed the SmoothWall Firewall on it and I can server up any of the web pages I have on the CentOS server including mail etc.

When I do this I disconnect for the CISCO RV082 router and use the SmoothWall router. The my entire network seems happy with is and everything is working well.

I started having problems with the SmoothWall box and decided that rather getting another machine I would start to use the RV082 instead. Everything remains the same.

I haven’t done much work with the RV082 and I not that advanced with networking and routers. I have tried several different setting with the RV082 and other then getting a port forwarded for my IPCam I can’t get to any of my web sites on the CentOS server. Like I said, everything did work when the SmoothWall box is connected.

The WAN is connected to the input on the SmoothWall box and the output goes to a hub for LAN connection. Same for the RV082 which has the cable from the WAN connected to the RV082 WAN1 connection and the output goes to the hub. The SmoothWall box and RV082 are not hooked up to the LAN at the same time.

Below is the setting for HTTP on the SmoothWall router:

Protocol:                              TCP

External Source IP:               All

Source Port:                         80

Destination IP:                         (CentOS Box)

Destination Port:                   80

I’m trying to get to WWW.VUQUEST.COM and the web page is on the CentOS box but as the RV082 settings stand right now the outside world doesn’t see the CentOS box.  When I key in the URL above it resolves to the RV082 address.

Any help would really be appreciated. Thanks

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