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RV082 - Slow DNS Resolution


Greetings Gang,

Have an RV082 v1.1 FW 1.3.98-tm that has been rock solid for a couple of years and is now, suddenly, experiencing dead crawl DNS resolution.

No changes in configuration prior to the behavior starting. Tried rebooting the unit, no changein behavior.

There's an internal DNS server that resolves internal resources, but everything else gets pushed to the RV082.

I've tried Comcast, Verizon and Google DNS servers at the router level, and the results are the same -- so that rules out the DNS servers themselves.

Change the DNS servers at the NIC level on a wrokstation, and resolution occurs quickly and reliably.

I'm looking to reset to Factory Default and reload the configuration and likely upgrade to FW or but I do see similar issues reported with those firmwares, and moreover, in a mixed Mac/PC environment.

Was wondering if anyone else has experienced these issues, could identify a root cause and resolution.



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is your wan mtu set to auto or do you have it set manually?

Initially it was auto, then set it manual, same issue persists.

Performance was really bad this morning, so Reset to Factory Default, reloaded the configuration from back-up and the DNS issue cleared up. Same FW, 1.3.98-tm, but still wondering why it suddenly started to have these issues to begin with.

Any clue?

Considering swapping it out with a RV082 v3 and keeping the v1.1 as a back-up.

It's possible that your configuration was corrupt. That can be caused by a power spike or outage, among other things. If the issue persists, I would set it to factory defaults and manually reconfigure it (Unless your configuration file was saved before this problem started). If it still has the issue then it's probably hardware related. If not then it was a bad config file.

- Marty

Probably just corruption, which can happen every so often.  A couple of years in service rock-solid is really great.

I experienced similar problems with my rv016s when my ISP changed their backend carrier equipment.  I was never able to fix the issue, so I had to reboot them every 8hrs.

I wouldn't upgrade unless you HAVE to.  You'll more than likely run into other bugs that breaks your current configuration, even if it's just a site-to-site VPN (I've been there, done that).

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