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RV220W QoS Issue

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Level 1

There is an issue with QoS mentioned in the latest firmware release notes:

WAN QoS profile binding based on a particular services, such as FTP, may

not work properly.

What does "may not" mean? Does it work for some services and not for others or does it occasionally fail to work properly for a service? Also, this is a serious problem which severely limits the QoS settings. Is this issue going to be fixed in a future firmware release or not?

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Tom Watts
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Panos, although ambiguous, I agree. I think it is indicating when using a specific service it can work, but if it doesn't work, don't be surprised. The rest of the context is here;

Work Around: Select ANY as the service type when creating QoS profiles.

This work around limits QoS bindings to the traffic selector match type (IP

address Range, MAC address, VLAN, DSCP, and SSID) rather than service

type. Due to this limitation you cannot overlap a particular traffic selector

match type among the different QoS bindings.

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