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SRP521W dns question

Level 1
Level 1

Why is there only 1 DNS entry for the LAN side of this device? I need to be able to add at least 2 different DNS entries (redundancy) to allow client PC's to access local and site to site VPN servers with a DHCP assigned address. This would allow me to do maintenance on the local DNS server without affecting client PC's on the local LAN. Setting the DNS is possible on a desktop PC that does not leave the office but is not an option for laptop users when they travel

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Andrew Hickman
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


Thanks for your question.  This is a current limitation for the SRP - have you tried configuring multiple DNS server IP addresses and using the DNS proxy feature in the DNS server configuration?


The issue is not external acces to the internet, the issue is accessing multiple servers across the VPN (multiple tunnels) with only 1 DNS server configured on the LAN side settings. If I need to perform maintenance or the tunnel to this DNS server goes down, the laptop users have no LAN DNS resolution. The proxy will only work for external DNS servers. I need to be able to assign multiple LAN side DNS servers