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2 isp configuration and trunking

dan wabwile

Hello my Seniors,
Kindly help me here,
I have 1 router with 2 isp links,
I want to terminate this two links to be used as dulink active\active failover where all of them will be used actively
The router has 2 gigaports G0/0 and G0/1 and 4 FastEthernet ports Fa0/1-Fa0/4
In the configuration, i dont want them to act as two networks.
Then i want to make the router to route traffic from multiple VLANs over the same physical port by creating subinterfaces
Then configure Fa0/1-0/4 to switchport mode trunk so that i can i can add any other additional managed switch in future

isp 1 ip /30 and isp 2 /30

1. How will i configure dual isp and do i configure on both giga ports
2. Which giga interface will i configure subinterfaces
3. How will the i enble routing between the interfaces
4. Will i use 1 isp to nat outside
5. Which public ip will i be using or i can use both

Dan Wabwile
IT Support
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this active/active with NAT can lead to asymmetric routing, 
so the best solution is use PBR 
divided the LAN to four 
and config PBR to make two of LAN use ISP1 as primary and ISP2 as backup 
and config PBR to make two of LAN use ISP2 as primary and ISP1 as primary  

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