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3850 switch and possible issue with IP tracking

Anish Chauhan


I'm hoping that someone has seen something similar to the issue we've experienced today.

We've recently installed some new 3850 switches as a direct replacement for some 3750's (the configuration has remained the same apart from some removal on redundant commands).

We tested this with a single test client and we experienced something a little strange - the one client that was connected to the core only got an automatic private IP address (169... ) even though the address it should have had was statically configured. We also noticed that the address it should have had was marked as duplicate in brackets next to the IP address.

After doing a bit of digging we noticed that there was some reference to the IP tracking feature enabled on the 3850 switches. So we tried to disable this but in doing so we're presented with the error below:

% ip device tracking is disabled at interface level by removing relevant configs

and so instead we set the following:

switch(config)# ip device tracking probe delay 5

can anyone shed any light on whether the issue we experienced was related to the ip tracking feature?

Thanks, Anish

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Please visit these post :)

Hope it helps.

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Thanks Sandeep.  That link was very helpful!

HI Anis,

Glad that my post helped u .Can u plz mark this as answered so it may help others.


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