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jack samuel

6513 High CPU utilization

Hello Dears,

I facing issues in my network, but where the things are going wrong i can't trace out, My 6513 Cpu utilization goes high for 75% and  pings drops are seen to the server which are directly connected on the core, My PC is connected to access switch and i have kept continous pinging to server's suddenly at any time i see the ping drops, how i shld i trace the problem source for high CPU utilization.

I have tested  all my hardware  by diagnostic command and my hardware is perfect, 




You should open a TAC case for this issue as they could analyse the root cause for this issue.


I want to put my self effort before going to TAC.

I have execute the command sh proc cpu but the processess known in output are all not know to me where i can know the explantion of each process for 6500 series.


Here's something that I would do:

Depending on how many vlans you have, I would create an ACL to log everything that comes into the switch. I found a virus this way that was distributed to every multicast address out there and overloading my switch. The next thing I would do is start disconnecting (which may have to be done after hours) edge switches until the problem stops. When the problem stops, go down to the edge switch that was causing the problem and start removing individual workstations until you find out what workstation/device is causing the problem. Generally high processor utilization can be an indication of a storm or spanning-tree loop. You could also just run wireshark on a host that's connected to the switch and it will catch all multicast and broadcast traffic.


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Could you share the output of "show proccess cpu sorted".

the problem is not continous it is intermitent at any interval , it occurs sometime once a day  or many times a day, it is not such like that the switch CPU is continously high for the whole day.


Here is the attached

Hello Jack,

The high cpu was due to Virtual exec process. Try to clear the all the lines.refer below document for troubleshooting,



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Hello Richard,

Yes this output i gave you from the capture of sh tech when vty traffic was too huge,so that the reason the cpu was too high,

I have to capture at the times when the problem occurs.


Hello Dears

here is the attached, I dont see any process is eating a CPU but still the CPU usage is 70%.

Any update dears on above queries,

Also i want to know 1 query that suppose if an access switch is sending toomuch bradcast to core how can we trace the broadcast storms??????


Hello Jack,

There are more interrupt traffic hiiting the cpu. can you please enable the debug netdr capture rx command in the switch and paste the output of the show netdr captured-packets( Dump of 4096 packets hitting cpu)?

The above debug wont cause high cpu so you can goahead and do this. i will wait for your update to comment any further on this.