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ASR1001 QoS on port-channel sub-interfaces

We have recently purchased an ASR1001 and seem to be hitting some limitations regarding QOS on sub-interfaces on port channels.

I can police on per-subscriber basis fine, handing down the policies from our radius server. I would also like to police the aggregate on the sub-interface that happens to be on a port-channel. When attempting to apply the service-policy to the sub-interface, it seems to apply fine; however when verifying the policy-map on the interface, I can see that it is in suspended mode and not applying.

When I attempt the suggested work-around of lacp fast-switchover with lacp max-bundle 1 on the port-channel, the sub-interface policy is able to successfully apply. However, we straight away lose a half our performance for standby.

In order to attempt to resolve, I have upgraded to version asr1001-universalk9.03.10.00a.S.153-3.S0a-ext.bin. This did not resolve.

This blog post by another network engineer sums up the issue perfectly, it was an over a year ago, so hoping the issue got some traction in Cisco.

Looking also throguh the last 'Ask-the-expert' it appears the feature was on the way, (search for 'sub interface') and you will see the Cisco TAC Engineers responce.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.