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0/0 control across provider MPLS WAN

Looking for options!!!We have several spoke sites connected via a provider fully meshed MPLS WAN. Each spoke site (geographically seperated) has a single physical link to the MPLS WAN. We have 2 hub sites geographically separated that originate the d...

fsebera by Enthusiast
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QOS on 857 to up FTP

I have a VPN (Easy VPN) with lots of 857/857W routers. Currently we are experiencing problems FTP'ing files from the connected PC's to our central server. The problems occur especially when our main link is a bit congested and so I thought of impleme...

IP Nbar setup

hi, we have recently had a 50 mb link installed from our office to  a remote site currently the 50 mb link is being saturated by some replication traffice that i would like to limit.having no experience in qos what so ever. i could really do with som...

raymk1973 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco 2921 Gi0/1 is not coming up

Hi all ,I need someone help  to figure out why Cisco 2921 Gigaethernet 0/1 is not coming up ? I also tried to connect the interface to another SWITCH with no joy. ME3400 (ISP's switch)<-------------MPLS link--------------> Cisco 2921 Gi0/1 >>>>>>>>>>...

Packet loss

Hi,I am getting packet loss when I do continuous ping to below two destination, Could anyone help me on this ?   thanks.dest 1:-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------64 bytes from

Does a route-map need a trailing permit sequence?

I'm doing some PBR on a 6509 and have the following:route-map CLIENT-SVCS permit 10  match ip address CLIENT-MGMT-SERVICES  set ip next-hop policy will be applied to an SVI, which is on the external side of an HA firewall pair. On the...

aweise by Beginner
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