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ASR1002F Power Problem

Hi Dear Friend

My show envo all show the detail

Sensor List: Environmental Monitoring
Sensor Location State Reading
PEM Iout P0 Normal 14 A
PEM Vout P0 Normal 12 V DC
PEM Vin P0 Normal 226 V AC
Temp: PEM P0 Normal 17 Celsius
Temp: FC P0 Fan Speed 65% 11 Celsius
PEM Iout P1 Normal 1 A
PEM Vout P1 Normal 12 V DC
PEM Vin P1 Normal 228 V AC
Temp: PEM P1 Normal 18 Celsius
Temp: FC P1 Fan Speed 65% 11 Celsius
V1: VMA R0 Normal 1113 mV
V1: VMB R0 Normal 3315 mV
V1: VMC R0 Normal 2504 mV
V1: VMD R0 Normal 1796 mV
V1: VME R0 Normal 1503 mV
V1: VMF R0 Normal 1210 mV
V1: 12v R0 Normal 12202 mV
V1: VDD R0 Normal 3525 mV
V1: GP1 R0 Normal 913 mV
V1: GP2 R0 Normal 1242 mV
Temp: CPU R0 Normal 19 Celsius
Temp: Outlet R0 Normal 16 Celsius
Temp: Inlet R0 Normal 11 Celsius
Temp: Asic1 R0 Normal 18 Celsius



My show platform show power Fail


0 ASR1002-SIP10 ok 00:07:01
0/0 4XGE-BUILT-IN ok 00:03:04
R0 ASR1002-RP1 ok, active 00:07:01
F0 ASR1000-ESP5 ok, active 00:07:01
P0 ASR1002-PWR-AC ok 00:04:40
P1 ASR1002-PWR-AC ps, fail 00:04:37

Slot CPLD Version Firmware Version
--------- ------------------- ---------------------------------------
0 07120202 16.3(2r)
R0 08011017 16.3(2r)
F0 07091401 16.3(2r)

I tested Power 0 and off power 1 Router Is on

and off power 0 and on power 1 router Is on too


Redundancy Is ok On two Power But show my PS-Fail


How solve this ???

My IOS version IS


VIP Guru

Try remove the PSU and reseat and test, is that works ?


for me Looks like a bug.



some troubleshooting tips :



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VIP Mentor


 - Usually a bug as in , for instance :


  Best 'quality check' is to have a view of the power supplies and check if led-indicators are ok.


Hi led-indicators In Green and Ok And I tested Power 0 off 1 on Works  Tested Again power 0 On 1 off

router IS works And Redundancy Is ok

Only IS show platform show me Power 1 Fail

Cisco Employee



Looking at the evidence you presented, it seems that show environment presents us with P1 having normal values, where show platform shows us the P1 with ps, fail alarm.


This might indicate a false positive alarm.

Below I am sending a document where you can use to guide you on troubleshooting power supplies on ASR1K:

Troubleshoot ASR1k Power Supply 


And check step 2 of the document:

Step 2. Identify False Positive Alerts. 


We might look at a cosmetic bug if you identify a false positive alert, that is documented under the below bug:

CSCvc16495 - Power supplies showing "ps fail" when they function fine 


This is the workaround presented:

Reloading the router can clear the false positive status conditions, 
but a software upgrade will be needed to keep them from triggering again.


Hope this was helpful.


Thank you.

Marin Grabovschi