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Auto QoS on Metro Ethernet with 2911 Routers


Hi all,

We use a somewhat unique Metro Ethernet WAN, in which all links are 12Mbps, point to point metro ethernet links, but connected between two 2911 ISR G2 routers, rather than switches.  These routers are connected to 3750 stacks on the LAN side.

We are setting up Cisco VoIP, and while all of our LAN switches have the proper Auto QoS statements ("auto qos voip cisco-phone" on access ports, and "auto qos voip trust" on trunk ports, including the ports connecting to the router), it does not appear that any of these settings can be applied to the router's gigabit ethernet interfaces.  A separate VLAN has been set up for our voice subnet already at our pilot site. 

My research thus far appears to indicate that auto QoS cannot be applied to ethernet interfaces on a router in general.  Our carrier does not strip or filter out any qos markings, but setting up switch-to-switch connections is not currently feasible in the scope of the project right now.

Am I simply out of luck with using Auto QoS in our current topology?  Is there a way to trunk voice traffic, with the QoS mrakings from the switch, through the router itself?

Thank you for any help.

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