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Hum.... this is a headscracher...  I have the latest IOS for the 3560 switch.. I'd like to boot the switch and have it download the ios from my TFTP server during boot, thus running the updated IOS, instead of the IOS which is in FLASH.              ...

Hello Experts,One Question spinning in my mind from beginning.I am administrating whole windows Systems and Network devices ( router, Switch, Proxy Server, ASA Firewall) and usestools like Ethereal, Solarwind, Opmanager, etc) from last 5 years.If i t...

setup:Cisco 2651XMfrom ISP46.167.229.200/2846.167.229.201/2846.167.229.202/2846.167.229.203/2846.167.229.204/2846.167.229.205/28GW for all ips is the router I have 3 VLANS192.168.40.0 --> fa0/1.40192.168.50.0 --> fa0/1.50192.168.80.0 ...

fritz001a by Beginner
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Does anyone know why default temp tresholds on ASR1001 are set very low/high ?    At what temp level warnings will be sent out based on following sensors: Temp: Inlet      P1                Normal            32 Celsius Temp: Internal   P1            ...

sdominko by Beginner
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Hi everyone,I wanted to ask that when mtu is set to 1400 in GRE path then maximum data size packet allowed is 1376(1400-24).Shouldnt it be 1348(1440-24(gre)-20(IP)-8(icmp)).

Resolved! L2TPv3 and QOS

Got a good one here...Scenario: I have a 1921 router with an 8-port switch module. I'm trying to limit the total amount of traffic coming into one specific interface of the switch module (no more than 2mbps) because it overloads my wireless network c...

tomrayjr by Beginner
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Resolved! OSPF Network Mask?

Hello,I am configuring OSPF on our MPLS routers in order to advertise our internal networks out to BGP (via the redistribute command).  I am a bit confused on the proper syntax of the OSPF network command for our situation.  The normal setup is that ...