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Bad file magic number 0x0 ... cannot load "flash"

Hi All,

I'm studying for my CCNA, I'm currently in the later stages of ICND 1.

My problem is IOS related and is as follows:

As part of my network lab I have bought a reconditioned 2600 series routrer (2610XM), which, when it arrived was working just fine. However, something occured which seems to have corrupted the flash file, If I knew what then I would state it here, but I don't, I have a strong suspicion it may be the result of pulling the USB - DB9 out whilst the a connection was still active. Anyway, I am where I am. And that's stuck in ROMmon mode.

I've checked Config Summery and changed configuration and re-booted, as recommended, which got me nowhere.

Next, I looked for a valid image in flash using the "dir flash:" cmd which came back with the followed results:

File Size: 896 bytes (0x380), Checksum: 0x306e, File Name: Start-up

Am I correct in assuming that this means there is no flash file?

Next, I started an xmodem procedure, this was going well right up untill the time when I needed to download the appropriate file from Cisco. I was able to navigate to the download page for flash file: WIC-xAM-V2-F49-1922F-4M-image.bin. However, when I tried to download the file I was halted with the details that I "don't have a valid service contract associated with my profile."

So, I'm stuck, in ROMmon mode to be procise.

Does anyone have any suggestions of what I should do next?

Many thanks,


Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Can you please post the entire bootup process?

Hi Leolaohoo - Please see the attached doc for start-up process.


Okaaaaay ... Please post the output to the command "dir flash:".


dir flash: output attached.


Thanks Leolaohoo, but, that's the part I know. My problem is that I can't download the IOS from Cisco without having a service contract.

The file I need is WIC-xAM-V2-F49-1922F-4M-image.bin, do you know of another way of downloading the IOS file to my machine so I can carry out the xmodem prcedure????