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Best value router for 10G internet running BGP

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Frequent Contributor

Hi All

I am looking at upgrading some internet connections to 10G, our current 4451 routers will not give us the throughput so we need to replace with a sufficient router or switch.

Can anyone tell me what the best value router is to give us 10G throughput as well as running BGP.


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Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame Community Legend

MHM Cisco World
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you can select ISR4461 but it high throughput is 10G so I recommend go to ASR1K which give above 10G

Screenshot (443).png

Giuseppe Larosa
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Hall of Fame Master

Hello @carl_townshend ,

the main decision factor is what you are going to receive on the eBGP session:  if you are going to receive a full BGP table you need to go to an ASR 1000, if you receive only a default route, or a default route and some prefixes,  you could use a multilayer switch like a Cat9300 with appropriate licenses to support BGP.

Hope to help



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