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BUG CSCsw63003 Solution for IOS-XE

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Hi all,

I think I ran into a bug running BGP on IOS-XE, I have an ASR1001 running two BGP peers witch recieving full CIDR (around 500,000 routes).

when both peers reach established state and start sending\recieving the routes  the memory of the router jumps up to 80% usage and keep rising untill the router stops responding.

According to what I see in here -

the bug was not yet solved in 15+ versions,

Did someone else encounter this issue and managed to overcome it ?

Thank you,


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Hello Valentine,

Defect CSCsw63003 is not fixed in 15S since the issue does not affect the code under this train. I believe the issue you observed is related to insufficient memory installed on the box. Could you, please, verify the amount of memory available when both peers are down, when only one peer are up.

It is likely the router will crash in case of memory depletion and you should observe crashinfo files on the router. There is a document regarding ASR1K crashes which can help you to locate crashinfo files:

Please, would you be so kind to capture the following outputs:

# show version

# show platform

# show bgp all summary

-- Best regards, Dmitry Skotnikov

Hello Dmytro,

Sorry for the delay in my response, The router is not connected to the network and as a resault the BGP peers are down,

At this state there is no issue so I can't provide you with the relevant information.

I can see CSCsw63003 status is resolved but there is yet any 15S versions on the "fixed in"

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Level 1

I believe we have a similar issue. Will post details tomorrow from the office. We get memory allocation table errors if I remember rightly.
Currently have Cisco TAC case open.

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Hello Anthony,

Could you please post your case details on the issue,

I would like to take a look at it.

Thank you,


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