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Can Cisco 4351 router go beyond 400 Mbps WAN Internet?

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Dear Fellows,

I have a question related to Cisco 4351 Router where it's performance is mentioned as "200 Mbps Upgradable to 400 Mbps".


If my company needs a Internet bandwidth of 500 Mbps, cannot our router supports that?


Do we need to replace our new router just because of this reason?

I strongly feel there must be a way to get more WAN performance from this router especially we are not having any voice or security use on this router.


Need experts advices please.




Muhammad Waqar Khan
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Hall of Fame

Cisco 4351 i do not believe this model support more than 400MB as per the Datasheet


Consider other models ISR 44XX


check below datasheet :



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Joseph W. Doherty
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Hall of Fame

Assuming your 500 Mbps is duplex, you could need up to gig aggregate capacity.

With a "performance" license, a 4351 can, usually, guarantee 400 Mbps of capacity, but it's also "capped" at 400 Mbps, which may be insufficient for your needs.

With a "boost" license, a 4351 can provide "over 2 Gbps" (see Table 4 in Balaji's reference), i.e. the router is uncapped, but this capacity is NOT guaranteed.  Basically, based on your traffic and configuration, the router will provide whatever it can provide (much like the prior gens of ISRs).

My guess is, there's a good chance, with the boost license, your 4351 can support your 500 Mbps (duplex?).  However, be prepared for a possible bit of "sticker shock" when you price out this license upgrade.

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Level 4

@mwaqarkhan : Well you are checking with the Performance license, it will tested with 400 Mbps but will be reaching may be 170 Mbps in Prod environment. That is a Testing environment. So i would say with the performance license 170 wil be the mark.


Inderdeep Singh ( Awarded by Cisco IT Blogs award 2020)

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