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Can ISP block access point configuration at their side?

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I have two homes on the same building flour. Earlier ISP administration allowed me to use single connection in both homes. So ISP connection was provided to one home and then I had a router configured as AP at another home. The AP-router is connected to Host/main router by wired connection.

Now the ISP administration is changed and it is not supportive of such extension of network to another home. Can they block such extension at their side, may be by some configuration. Website

Or such AP configuration is completely invisible to them and they cannot control it at their side?

Also, earlier I configured this AP-router as normal non-AP router. Due to this I was not able to connect devices in home from another home. Can ISP disallow such configuration with some configuration at their side?

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the only thing an ISP could block is a MAC address, or the maximum number of MAC addresses/simultaneous connections. What hardware are you using as access point ? And what as ISP modem/router ?

An ISP can tie down a connection via a mac address - see here for a protential solution

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