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Cannot install Linksys Cisco WRT120N router



I have been trying all day long to install my new wireless router Linksys Cisco WRT120N, and I've exactly followed the steps which were shown on the CD provided upon purchase, but I can't do anything.

Please excuse me but I am quite new to wireless routers and this task has overwhelmed me! When I insert the CD on the drive and start the setup, there are a few steps shown which tell me how to connect my existing modem to the router. At last, it keeps telling me I haven't installed the router correctly.

I have a Scientific Atlanta Webstar modem, which is connected to the laptop with an Ethernet wire. On the steps provided, it tells me that the Ethernet wire should be taken off the modem and inserted on one of the 4 Ethernet ports on the new router, while the other Ethernet cable should be inserted into the modem and the Internet port on the new router. Then, I have to plug the router in.

I've exactly done that, countless of times, and it keeps telling me I'm doing something wrong. I would welcome any help of yours, since wireless routers are not my expertise!

Thank you very much!

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Richard Burts
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I am not sure what is going on and exactly what the install is seeing as an error. My suggestion is to start over at the beginning. Start by connecting the  modem Ethernet to the Internet port of the new router. Then connect your PC Ethernet port to one of the 4 ports on the new router. Then insert the CD and start the install process.




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