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CAT6500/SUP720-3BXL IOS Query



I've been trying to track down a particular feature on Cisco's Feature Navigator and have come up with a question, is it possible to run a 7600 IOS on a SUP720-3BXL when in a 6509 Chassis?

Fundamentally the Supervisor engine is the same and I could pick it up and move into a 7609 chassis (if I had one...).

I suspect there will be a logical reason why I can't but wanted to check first.

Thanks in advance.

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Joseph W. Doherty
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I believe the 7600 IOS will refuse to run on the 6500 platform.

Ivan Shirshin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


It depends on the version you are trying to boot. Older versions id not have a chassis check and could be used on 6500 as well. Now, with later releases, you would see a compatibility error and it won't boot:

%C6K_PLATFORM-1-DISABLE_NON_C7600_CHASSIS: Software has detected an attempt to run a 
c7600 image on an incompatible chassis ([char]). This image may not boot.

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