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Cisco 2811 SDRAM ECC Error After Router Reboot

Ta-Jen Hsu

Dear Sirs :

In the past one year, we found more than 15 2811 router SDRAM ECC Error after router reboot, what we can do is just replaced the 512MB SDRAM, but I am wondering why there are so much SDRAM ECC Error in 2800 router, Does anyone have such experience ?

Following is one of the booting log we collected, hope it helpful.

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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

And all of your routers are running the same IOS version?  Particularly "T5"?

Dear Sir :

I am not sure, I just got one router log, those router are shipping almost in the same time, but installed in more than 50 place, I only responsed for 10 place and just got message that we have so much router having the same problem.

I'd check first.

If they are all running a similar IOS then it could either be a hardware fault or an IOS fault.

Not Sure, it seems to be hardware fault, just replace DRAM would be ok.

But the problem is everytime customer reboots the router, we need to worry about the DRAM is OK or not, sometime customer reboot the router several time and the DRAM works again. Very wondering about the quality of DRAM.

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