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Cisco C1111-4P pair running redundancy groups - pre-empt not working

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Wondering if somebody could explain something.


We have a pair of C1111-4P routers.  they are acting as a ZBFW.  We have redundancy groups configured on these routers so they act in a HA pair.  The primary router has a priority of 110 and the secondary routers has a priority of 90.  We also have interface tracking set up on the redundancy group to if the either the gi0/0/0 or gi0/0/1 interface goes down the priority is decremented by 100.


Strange thing is when we down a port on the primary router that is been tracked it failovers to the secondary router and the primary reports a priority of 10, but when we re-enable the interface again on the primary router, the priority goes back up to 110, with the standby router still be 90, but the secondary router is still the active router, while the primary is still the standby router.  As pre-empt is enabled on both routers, I would expect the one with the highest priority to take over as the active router, but this is not happening.


does anybody know why this might be?


Kind regards,



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