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Cisco Nexus 3064 / Cisco Catalyst 3850 TCAM Table for PBR question

S. B

A question about Cisco 3850 TCAM or Nexus 3064 TCAM


The entry of the TCAM for PBR, when configuring it, what does it exactly mean?

The entry means that ?:


"The number of source ip subnets that we are allowing in the access list that will match the PBR and will do source routing for those addresses?"


Or the number of ip addresses that are coming toward the PBR and will be source routed


I mean if its matched to be source routed, this is one entry? or the number of IP Addresses that are source routed from this subnet, will be the number that should be assigned in the TCAM table PBR resource?


For example: we have a cisco 3850 at the edge of the network, doing BGP with 2 service providers and getting 2 default routes from them. Now we want to have symmetric traffic with both service providers. sending and receiving some subnets on one ISP and sending/receiving other subnets on the other ISP.


Now, for the inbound traffic, it can be done with BGP, with advertising the subnets/24 to each ISP and the summary to both ISP.


For outgoing traffic , to send the source subnet to the ISP that we have selected to receive the subnet from that, we have to do PBR. Now, for PBR on the Cisco 3850 or Nexus 3064, we have to change SDM template (3850) or add resource in TCAM table of Nexus 3064(default TCAM table for PBR is 0). 


So 2 questions:


1- Can these 2 type of switches handle PBR on 1Gbps or 1.5Gbps traffic or 2Gbps, for sending the traffic to the ISP's?

will it do it completely hardware processing or some in CPU?


2- What should be the amount of entry assigned to the TCAM PBR resource? should it be based on the number of subnets that will be matched in the access list for doing PBR on it? Or its based on the number of IP addresses inside those subnets?



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