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Cisco pfr

Level 5
Level 5

Hi Techies,

I would like to understand if pfr can be implemented on the internet links when multihoming is done. If I am multihoming & dont want to use BGP, how can i use pfr for load-balancing across links from different ISP's.

Also would like to understand the advantages & disadvantages of pfr against hardware link load balancers.

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Joseph W. Doherty
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

PfR can inject temporary static routes. You need to redistribute them across a routing protocol (one known only to the border routers works well).

Main advantages, it's "free" and besides link load balancing, it can adjust for end-to-end performance.

Main disadvantage, it places additional demand on your routers. (Although depending on PfR's configuration, dealing with full Internet BGP, I've seen, adds more load than PfR.)

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