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Cisco RV260 VPN Router - WAN - PoE adapter problem

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I'm trying to get the 1GB WAN port up and running in RV260 (it has no built-in PoE feature). I have upgraded the router to the latest firmware and used multiple PoE adapters but the port is not working. It worked for a couple of seconds, I got the IP from my ISP, and.. then the LED and connection were gone.

Every time I connect WAN to any of my PoE adapters, the LED on the adapter goes off or starts blinking indicating that something is wrong. The only thing that comes to mind is that I should be using Cisco PoE injector, e.g. Cisco SB-PWR-INJ2-EU PoE Gigabit 55V - all of my PoE adapters as well as the antenna I connect to the WAN port - are not Cisco devices; most adapters are 12V, though one is 48V.

Each 12V adapter is working fine with Mikrotik. When I'm connecting a random port from another switch to the WAN port in RV260 - the WAN port goes up and the LED is on.



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            - Check logs on the RV260 when all of this  happens ,


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Hi @marce1000 

Log contains a stream of the following events:

asdclient: ASD Client failed to get access token.

kernel: [ 718.480022] bcm54210s_read_status 356 Status: Try copper link...

kernel: [ 718.480291] Restoring WAN: speed 0xa->0xa, autong 0x1->0x1, duplex 0x0->0x0, advertising 0x62ff->0x2ff

kernel: [ 718.480022] bcm54210s_read_status 356 Status: Try copper link...



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As per i know the Lan port only works for PoE - that to only 4 Ports maximum as per i know.

You should use only LAN ports for PoE not WAN Port. Most of the Router WAN port for WAN Connectivity which does not required PoE.

Every time I connect WAN to any of my PoE adapters

This part not able to understand ? you connecting PoE adaptor to WAN port why ?



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Hi @balaji.bandi 

There's an ethernet coming from a passive antenna located on the roof - I must power it via PoE adapter, then from the adapter another ethernet goes straight into the WAN port in my Mikrotik - my task is to replace Mikrotik with Cisco using the same connection schema.


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