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Cisco SDM Express doesn't work ?

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I had the Cisco 877W Router working in my old company. The old company was closed and I bring all of network equirments to new company.

I am trying to setup this router to new company but lost menu, console cable and software CD.

What I did?

1. Reset the router to default settings.

2. Check the default network IP on router and DHCP enable automatically.

3. Open browser to and comes up Cisco SDM Express

4. Login username and password "cisco"

5. No any problem on configuation Steps - Overview, Basic Configuration, LAN IP Address and DHCP

6. After I click "Next" , it doesn't go to Internet (WAN) page. I was waiting about 30mins but doesn't go there.

I don't know what's going on. Is that anything wrong ?

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Cisco SDM Express doesn't work ?


instead of connecting through sdm, telnet to the ip address of the router and type this:

-router> enable

-router# config t

-router(config)# interface fx/x  where this interface is the one with address

router(config-intf)# ip nat inside

router(config-intf) interface fx/x  where this is interface connected to WAN

router(config-intf) ip nat outside

router(config-intf) access-list 199 permit

router(config-intf) ip nat inside source list 199 interface fx/x   where this is WAN interface



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Cisco SDM Express doesn't work ?

Thank you Alain for quick response.

Tried it but doesn't work when type "router(config-intf)# ip nat inside"

I think the router has been reset so it has not any interface settings.

This is the router config.


yourname#show config

Using 3512 out of 131072 bytes


version 12.4

no service pad

service timestamps debug datetime msec

service timestamps log datetime msec

no service password-encryption


hostname yourname





logging buffered 51200 warnings


no aaa new-model


crypto pki trustpoint TP-self-signed-4077643198

enrollment selfsigned

subject-name cn=IOS-Self-Signed-Certificate-4077643198

revocation-check none

rsakeypair TP-self-signed-4077643198



crypto pki certificate chain TP-self-signed-4077643198

certificate self-signed 01 nvram:IOS-Self-Sig#4.cer

dot11 syslog

ip cef

no ip dhcp use vrf connected

ip dhcp excluded-address


ip dhcp pool sdm-pool

   import all



   lease 0 2



no ip domain lookup

ip domain name




username cisco privilege 15 one-time secret 5 $1$GeCQ$w5iPeLoyoDHx5MNSktPn8.




log config







interface ATM0

no ip address


no atm ilmi-keepalive

dsl operating-mode auto


interface FastEthernet0


interface FastEthernet1


interface FastEthernet2


interface FastEthernet3


interface Dot11Radio0

no ip address


speed basic-1.0 basic-2.0 basic-5.5 6.0 9.0 basic-11.0 12.0 18.0 24.0 36.0 48.0


station-role root


interface Vlan1


ip address

ip tcp adjust-mss 1452


ip forward-protocol nd


ip http server

ip http access-class 23

ip http authentication local

ip http secure-server

ip http timeout-policy idle 60 life 86400 requests 10000


access-list 23 permit

no cdp run






banner exec ^C

% Password expiration warning.


Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) is installed on this device and

it provides the default username "cisco" for  one-time use. If you have already

used the username "cisco" to login to the router and your IOS image supports the

"one-time" user option, then this username has already expired. You will not be

able to login to the router with this username after you exit this session.

It is strongly suggested that you create a new username with a privilege level

of 15 using the following command.

username privilege 15 secret 0

Replace and with the username and password you want to




banner login ^C


Cisco Router and Security Device Manager (SDM) is installed on this device.

This feature requires the one-time use of the username "cisco"

with the password "cisco". The default username and password have a privilege le

vel of 15.

Please change these publicly known initial credentials using SDM or the IOS CLI.

Here are the Cisco IOS commands.

username   privilege 15 secret 0

no username cisco

Replace and with the username and password you want to use


For more information about SDM please follow the instructions in the QUICK START

GUIDE for your router or go to




line con 0

login local

no modem enable

line aux 0

line vty 0 4

access-class 23 in

privilege level 15

login local

transport input telnet ssh


scheduler max-task-time 5000




Can you send me the sample for ADSL2 pppoe settings with username and password ?

I don't know more command line and how to copy and paste text or upload config and save to the router ?

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