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CME Router branch deployment using Leased line


Hi ,

I have an issue with my branch connectivity I want to the IP phone to be register in my 15 branches all the branches connected via leased line to central office and each branch we have ASA 5520 8.2 and we have Cisco ISR 4461 CME router in head office working fine all the branches has connectivity toward head office using internet 2 Mbps in each branch ,

the Problem is we have ASA Firewall in Main Office all the branches are connected to this ASA using Dynamic Routing RIP Protocol and from this ASA in main office I have static route to Sophos Firewall for internet connectivity for branches but our CME router is connected to a switch trunk interface our Ip phone are registering via this switch but how  I can connect our branches to this CME router I have ASA in Main office toward Branches and for each branches I have ASA as well iam really confused even I can not ping from CME router to ASA in Main office kindly please help me in this regards .

thanks many thanks 


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Hello @azimullahhabibi 

First, it's possible that there is a routing issue between the CME router and the ASA in the main office. You mentioned that you are unable to ping from the CME router to the ASA, so it's possible that there is a misconfiguration or a missing route.

- Verify that the interface on the CME router connected to the switch is up and configured correctly.

- Verify that the interface on the ASA in the main office connected to the CME router is up and configured correctly.

- Check the routing table on both the CME router and the ASA to ensure that there are no missing or incorrect routes.

- Verify that the firewall rules on the ASA are not blocking the traffic between the CME router and the ASA.

After that we can follow the debug.

Best regards
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